We help you to multiply your real estate holdings with minimal hassle and risk.

At Equity Builders, we give you the ability to safely invest in the real-estate market, and offer services to reduce the day-to-day commitments associated with property management. Your equity will increase, and you will actually have the freedom to enjoy your new income: That’s what makes us The Happiness Multipliers.


To be a multiplier in our client’s investment by providing game changing investment opportunities and comprehensive management services.


We invest alongside our investors. We never sell properties we don't invest in ourselves. Giving you added confidence that your success will also be our success.

By providing tenants with a great product, we are able to charge higher rent, yielding our investors a great return. It is a win-win situation for all , as our tenants get a better standard of living, and our investors benefit with higher returns. Our combined decades of experience has helped save condominium corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars when tendering projects.

Equity Builders has earned the confidence of condominium corporations, through confident investors, through confident tenants; making us The Confidence Multipliers.


To create generational wealth for our employees and investors




When I got into the real estate business over 25 years, I never dreamed of the financial freedom and independence it would give my family and myself. Real estate is a game of patience where the returns continually outperform any other investment strategy. Our vision when opening Equity Builders was to create a business model where financial freedom was possible for everyone. Today, we stand proud as our vision has become a reality for many of our investors.